Portable Telescopic Ramp (7 or 10 ft)

The Portable Telescopic Ramp comes in pairs and are designed to be portable and lightweight with an anti-slip surface. For storage, they are very compact, and can be set up easily by extending the length. Available in 7 ft and 10 ft.


  • Portable and lightweight

  • Great for multiple steps

  • Space-saving; retracts in 3 sections

  • Anti-slip surface


  • Comes in a pair

  • Length: Available in 7 ft (210 cm) or 10 ft (300 cm)

  • Internal Width: 4.5" (for 7ft ramp) and 7.6" (for 10ft ramp) per side
  • Overall Width: 6" ( for7 ft) and 10" ( for10 ft) per side

  • Weight: 7.5 kg (for7 ft) and 21 kg (for10 ft)

  • Capacity: 200 kg (for7 ft) and 150 kg (for10 ft)

  • Length when shortened: 95 cm (for 7 ft) and 125 cm (for 10 ft)

  • Anti-slip surface lining both top and bottom edge of ramp 

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Note: As a general rule, we recommend a gradient no steeper than 1:6 for assisted use. E.g. if the height of your steps is 12" the recommended length of ramp will be 12"x 6 = 72"(6 ft ramp). For 3-step HDB flat entrances which do not face the common corridor, we recommend a 6ft ramp or our telescopic ramps if space allows.