All About Wheelchair Ramps - Frequently Asked Questions

March 01, 2022 2 min read

Bifold and Telescopic Ramps

1. How to know which length of ramp would be optimum?

The length of the ramp should be (Total Height of Steps) x 6. For example, if the total height of steps is 4", then the required length of ramp = 4" x 6 = 24" = 2 ft long ramp.

2. How does the ramp stay in place?

There is an anti-slip surface on the end of the ramps which will prevent the ramp from sliding. Most importantly, using the right length of ramp will prevent it from being too steep and dangerous for users.


3. What is the main difference between the Bi-Fold and Telescopic ramps?

Telescopic ramps come in 7ft and 10ft options and come in two separate pieces to reduce the overall product weight to make it easier for users to handle. As the caregiver assists to push the user up the ramp, the wheelchair rolls along both tracks of the ramp, while the caregiver will walk in between the ramps.











For Bi-Fold ramps, these ramps are made of aluminium and can be folded into half for storage. They are wider in width so caregivers and wheelchair users can walk on the ramp directly.











4. What if there is not enough space to place the length of ramp I need?

You may have to settle for a shorter ramp, though it is likely harder for the caregiver to push the user up given that the ramp will become steeper. You may also have to consider a customised L-shaped ramp if your home faces the common corridor or if you do not have enough clearance at your door entrance.


Wooden Ramps

Would the ramp corrode if I place it in the shower?

wooden ramp is not suited for constant and excessive exposure to water. It is best if the ramp is placed outside of the shower area. 


Summary: How To Choose The Right Ramp

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