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At The Golden Concepts, we believe that ageing well means being able to stay mobile and independent in our golden years. Since 2011, it has been our mission to curate a wide range of quality home care products as well as elderly assistive equipment that provide the right mobility assistance to maximise both mobility and independence – so we can enjoy our golden years.

As our life expectancy extends, we have more older people in our community and an increasingly diverse set of needs than seen before. On top of this, we also see a rise in caregivers seeking solutions to better care for their elderly loved ones.

Here at The Golden Concepts, we are dedicated to offer the best range of elderly care products to make it easy for both elderly users and caregivers to find the right solution to meet your elder care needs.

Here are some of our bestsellers:

Mobility care equipment includes elderly assistive equipment and accessories that aid in enhancing mobility and independence in elderly persons. With the right elderly assistive products, our elderly loved ones will be able to enjoy greater freedom and independence in moving around their home and continue to be active in the community. Products such as the Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker as well as the HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator are examples of elderly assistive equipment that can help to encourage independence and confidence, knowing that they are able to get around the various parts of the house as well as the outdoors safely on their own. In addition, for elderly persons with caregivers assisting them, these mobility devices help to ease the work of caregivers by encouraging independence on the part of the elderly person.

At The Golden Concepts, we offer a wide range of mobility care equipment for the elderly such as manual wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, walking canes, walkers, rollators, and more.

Wheelchairs, be it manual or motorised types, are one of the most common elderly assistive products for users with limited mobility as they allow them to travel safely and comfortably over longer distances. In particular, manual wheelchairs are most commonly used as they are affordable and easy to use for both users and caregivers. For elderly users looking to get around independently with ease, a motorised wheelchair has the benefit of being powered by batteries and a motor, so the individual can easily move around with just a push of a joystick control.

Walking aids such as walking canes, walkers, and rollators are ideal for the elderly who are still largely mobile but may require a bit more support and assistance to walk independently. This type of mobility equipment aims to provide greater stability to the elderly user as they walk around, encouraging them to be independent and safe. Walking aids come in many different designs with a variety of features depending on the user’s needs. For example, walkers consist of two front wheels and rear gliders with no brakes, and are ideal for indoor use. Rollators, on the hand, consist of four wheels and hand brakes. They also come with a seat for taking short breaks, making them ideal for outdoor use. We also have a wide range of walking canes, from convenient folding canes to foldable seat canes, as well as luxurious solid wood canes.

We also offer a range of mobility scooter options. These are useful for older users who struggle with walking longer distances but prefer to maintain their independence and not rely on caregivers to push them around in wheelchairs or pushchairs. As these scooters are motorised, they tend to be more costly compared to manual wheelchairs, but they bring with them the advantage of the freedom of mobility to move around. With proper cushioned seats and easy-to-control steering, mobility scooters are ideal for long-distance travel, and some lightweight models are even designed for overseas travel.

At The Golden Concepts, we provide a wide range of elderly assistive products and home care products to improve the mobility and independence of the elderly. We are also licensed by the Health Science Authority (HSA) as an approved medical device dealer.

Contact us to find out more about our range of elderly assistive equipment. Additionally, you may also head down to our showroom in Ubi, Singapore, to try out our products in person, and speak with our product specialists to learn more.