Premium Mattresses by Paramount Bed Japan

Choose from our range of premium mattresses from Paramount Bed Japan:

  • Parasue Mattress - Basic egg-carton design
  • Reversible Pressure Reduction (RPR) Mattress - Double-layer system for pressure relief
  • Stretch Glide Mattress - Reduces shearing & pressure, reduces risk of pressure sores
  • Ever Proud Mattress - Similar to Stretch Glide + Reduces heat
  • Cococia Fuka Air Mattress - For users with pressure sores

Click on the different models below to find out more:

  • Parasue: Basic standard egg-carton design for pressure relief

    Reversible soft/ firm side

    Size of mattress: 191 x 91 x 12.5 cm

  • Reversible Pressure Reduction (RPR) Mattress for pressure relief

    Double-layer system, which consists of slow rebound & quick rebound urethane foams

    Size of mattress: 191 x 91 x 12 cm