Walkers & Rollators


For older persons who require extra support for walking, a walker or rollator can help to provide a sturdy, two-handed support to enable them to walk independently and safely.

For those who are less mobile and looking to move around independently or cover short distances, a walker is a good option. It comes with two front wheels and rear glides and follows the pace of the user. For those who are more mobile, consider a rollator which is designed for the outdoors and longer distances, with 4 wheels, handbrakes, and even a seat to take a rest.

We have curated the widest range of high quality and well-designed walkers and rollators in Singapore. Some key features which determine the ease-of-use include being lightweight and compact when folded, overall portability, and whether it is free-standing when folded.

Our EZ Fold-N-Go Walkers and Rollators are designed by Stander, a USA based company, and these are well-known for their unique compact and space-saving design. We also carry other models which fit any budget, as well as walking frames and lightweight walkers for indoor use.

Choosing the right mobility aid depends on the requirements of your loved ones. Each mobility aid serves a different purpose, and we have a wide range of mobility aids to choose from, including Foldable Walking Frames, Walking Canes, as well as Lightweight Walkers and Rollators. Check out our short guide on how to choose the right mobility aids for more details.

To help you make a better decision for your loved ones, we have included trial and rental services for our rollators and walkers in Singapore. A short trial will allow the user to try out the product for a short period of time, while a rental allows for a longer duration of use.

You can rent our Stander EZ-Fold-N-Go Walker or Rollator here.

Or consider a trial of our bestselling HappyWheels Travel Rollator here.

Our walkers and rollators are specially designed to provide older persons with sturdy support for walking, as some may require some assistance due to illnesses, recovery from a fall, or frailty. Using these mobility aids will encourage the user to stay active, while maximising and maintaining their mobility and independence.