A Quick Guide to Dementia

1 in 10 people in Singapore above the age of 60 has Dementia. This statistic is gradually rising with greater access to proper diagnosis and increasing awareness of this condition. With this E-book, we talk about certain misconceptions, risk factors, warning signs and some care tips to help you navigate caring for a person with Dementia.

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A Quick Guide to Parkinson's

There are approximately 6000-8000 people with Parkinson's in Singapore and this number is expected to increase. In this E-book, we cover risk factors, key symptoms, stages of Parkinson's as well as some caring tips for people with Parkinson's.

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Creating An Elderly-Friendly Home

Our home assures us safety, security and comfort. However, certain obstructions and barriers in the house may make it difficult and even dangerous to age in place. In this E-book, we share with you certain measures you can take to increase the safety of your homes for your elderly loved ones.
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