Hyundae Attachment Bidet (Non-Electric)


The Hyundae Bidet is a non-electric attachment bidet which can be easily installed onto the existing toilet bowl. There are two models to choose from; the HB-2000 model is the attachment bidet alone, and the HB-9000 model is an attachment bidet which includes a toilet seat and seat cover.


  • Easy installation on existing toilet bowl

  • Fits most standard toilet bowls

  • No maintenance

  • No electricity required

  • Anti-bacterial seat

  • For HB-2000 model: One nozzle (posterior wash)

  • For HB-9000 model: Two nozzles (posterior wash / feminine wash), Soft-closing seat & cover


  • Nozzle has self-cleansing feature

  • Installation services available upon request

  • 2 seat models available: HB-2000 (attachment bidet only) and HB-9000 (includes seat and seat cover)

  • For HB-2000 model: Minimum distance from edges of mounting holes: 5.7" maximum: 8.07"

  • For HB-9000 model: Minimum distance from edges of mounting holes: 5.9" maximum: 8.2". Length of seat cover: 19.8", width of seat cover: 15"/span

  • 6 months parts warranty