6 Useful Devices to Bring Your Parents Out

May 09, 2022 3 min read

Do you face difficulties when bringing your elderly parents out? 

Going on family outings with our elderly loved ones can be challenging. Our minds are constantly worried about their safety and physical conditions. 

We want to help make it easier to go out with your loved ones, so here are some useful devices you can consider as you plan your next outing.

1. HappyWheels Lightweight Ergonomic Pushchair

Dining out with your parents is easier with the HappyWheels Lightweight Ergonomic Pushchair. It features uniquely curved adjustable armrests which means you can push the chair under tables, making it convenient for your parents to eat at any food place. It also gives you more leeway for easy transfers.

The ergonomic seat has a gently angled backrest, making it more comfortable for long-term sitting. With the attendant brakes and lock, caregivers need not bend down to lock the wheels anymore.

2. HappyWheels Travel Chair

Weighing only 9.5 kg, this Travel Pushchair can even be folded and kept in a storage bag. Bring your parents out for longer outings without worrying as you can keep this easily in your car boot, or bring it around with you. Set it up when they get too tired to walk, and enjoy the rest of your outing. This is also useful for those who want to bring their parents out occasionally for medical appointments nearby or to a neighbourhood park.


3. Stander EZ Fold-n-Go Rollator

Walk beside them as they use the Stander EZ Fold-n-Go Rollator. This lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre device helps your elderly parents to walk outdoors safely and independently, making it more convenient for caregivers as well since they are able to move about on their own. The seat attached allows them to take breaks when they get tired, meaning you can now relax when it comes to longer outings with your loved ones.


4. Stander Car Caddie

The Stander Car Caddie is a portable device you can use to help your parents get out of any car. Simply strap it around the top of the window frame and use it as a support to come out of the car seat. With this device, it’s one less thing to worry about when taking your elderly parents out.


5. Walking Canes by The Cane Collective

Foldable Canes

Promote independent walking to give your parents the exercise they need. To ensure they feel safe while going out, you can consider the these lightweight Foldable Canes. They come in many fashionable designs, and can be folded into the free waterproof carry bag provided!


Folding Seat Canes

If you want them to be able to take a brief rest when outside, take a look at the Folding Seat Canes that come in 3 different colours. It’s easy to fold, portable and most importantly, the ergonomic seat design ensures optimum comfort for your loved ones.

6. Ultra-Lite 2 Motorised Wheelchair

Let your loved ones move around everywhere independently with the Ultra-Lite 2 Motorised Wheelchair. It’s easy to steer, easy to fold and convenient for caregivers as the joystick controller can be removed and placed on the attendant control bracket for caregivers to wheel their loved ones around and up and down slopes effortlessly. It even fits in the car boot!


The best thing about bringing your elderly parents out is enjoying the quality time spent together and experiencing the wonderful bond as a family. We hope these devices can put your mind at ease as you plan your next outing. Get in touch with us at The Golden Concepts to find the right eldercare equipment for you and your loved ones. We have a wide range of assistive devices, including portable lightweight wheelchairs, walkers & rollators, as well as travel chairs which are perfect for bringing your elderly parents out for an enjoyable family outing.

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