5 Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas

April 20, 2022 2 min read

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

If you’re racking your brains for what’s the best gift for Mum, try spending more time with her to observe her daily living routine which might help you figure out what she would like.

Perhaps look out for activities that she may struggle with, so you can get devices that can help make life easier. You can also check if there are existing items that are too old, spoiled or in need of replacement.

Check out these 5 Creative Mother’s Day gift ideas:


The Gift of Comfort

1. Vermeiren Ontario 2 Electric Recline & Lift Geriatric Chair

If you know she likes to relax and watch television, but finds it hard to stand up from the sofa, consider getting her this luxurious electric recliner and lifting chair.

The Golden Concepts Elderly Chair Ontario 2 Deluxe Recline & Lift Chair

The Vermeiren Ontario 2 features plush seats and provides much needed support for your mother to relax comfortably in it. The separately controlled backrest and footrests means that she can relax in the most optimum position, or reduce leg swellings by propping the footrest up. This chair can recline flat 180º for afternoon naps and best of all, helps to lift her up to make standing much easier!

2. HappyHome Electric Backrest (NEW ARRIVAL)

5 Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas- HappyHome Electric Backrest
Make her bed extra comfortable with this simple add-on. The HappyHome Electric Adjustable Backrest helps Mum to sit in bed comfortably for activities such as to read a book, watch TV or even enjoy her meals. Use the remote control to adjust it to any angle she likes. It also makes it easier for her to sit up and get out of bed on her own. 


The Gift of Freedom

3. Swivel Cushion + Car Handle

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Swivel Cushion & Car Handle Combo

Bring Mum out on an outing and make getting in and out of the car safe and effortless with the help of the Swivel Cushion and Car Handle combo. With these useful devices, there's one less thing for everyone to worry about when you go out as a family.


4. HappyWheels Rollator

5 Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas - HappyWheels Travel Rollator

Want Mum to enjoy walks outdoors or a family outing to the shopping mall? Consider getting her the ever-popular HappyWheels Travel Rollator

It features a sturdy frame on 4 wheels with brakes, a comfy seat, as well as a large shopping bag. This rollator allows users to walk around independently without worrying about falling over. When she gets tired, just lock the wheels and take a seat anywhere. It is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to store away in the car boot.


The Gift of Entertainment

5. Relish Radio

Technology can be quite confusing and difficult for older persons, which may cause them to avoid using devices altogether. Keep Mum entertained with music, a powerful tool that improves the wellbeing of people, using the Relish Radio & Music Player. It features large control dials and buttons for clarity. One useful feature is the volume control dial that never reaches zero to help users know that it’s always on.

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