5 Practical Father's Day Gift Ideas

June 01, 2022 2 min read

We all know it can be harder to give Dad the perfect gift. So if you're still wondering what you can get him this year, check out our 5 Practical Father's Day Gift Ideas below!

1. Eschenbach Classic Reading Magnifiers

For dads who are avid readers, the Eschenbach Classic Reading Magnifiers are perfect for reading fine print on books, labels, menus and price tags. They're small and handy and can be carried around easily in his pocket. Choose between the round or square version, whichever suits Dad best.

2. Solid Wood Canes + Brown Leather Plaited Wrist Loop

We have a beautiful range of Solid Wood Canes to help Dad look stylish. They're classy with sleek finishings, and are customisable to the perfect length (simply add a note in your order). You can also add on the Brown Leather Plaited Wrist Loop for him to keep the walking cane close by at all times.

3. EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

If Dad needs more support with walking, consider the Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker that comes in three charming colours. Unlike the traditional walking frame, there's no need to lift this walker up with each step. Help Dad walk around independently, easily.

4. Solax Mobie Travel Scooter

A mobility scooter can help Dad explore further on his own. The Solax Mobie Travel Scooter is safe with an adjustable speed of up to 6km/h and it can travel up to 15km distance on a single charge. This model is compact and suitable for overseas trips.

5. Ontario 2 Deluxe Recline & Lift Chair

This popular geriatric chair is the best choice if you want Dad to sit and rest comfortably. It has separate controls for the backrest and footrest and even lifts the user up to help him stand up with ease independently. Since it can be fully reclined, this chair is also great for afternoon naps. 



Finding the right gift for Dad can be tricky, but it will help in considering what he may need to feel more comfortable in his day-to-day activities. At The Golden Concepts, we are committed to improving the quality of life of elderly persons and our products are designed to address a wide range of diverse needs. If you need help finding a wheelchair with detachable arms, geriatric chair for elderly, or any other eldercare equipment, contact us today and we will be happy to serve you.

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