Standard Wooden Ramp (2" to 5" height)

Standard Wooden Ramps are a simple way to improve accessibility of areas with small curbs 2" to 5" high. These ramps are also covered with a layer of slip-resistant vinyl. This product is made locally in Singapore.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 2"(H) x 12"(L) x 30"(W): 3.5 kg

  • 3"(H) x 12"(L) x 30"(W): 4.2 kg

  • 4"(H) x 17.5"(L) x 30"(W): 7.1 kg

  • 5"(H) x 23.5"(L) x 30"(W): 11.3 kg

You may also wish to check out our article on FAQs about Ramps.

Note: As a general rule, we recommend a gradient no steeper than 1:6 for assisted use. E.g. if the height of your steps is 12" the recommended length of the ramp will be 12"x 6 = 72"(6 ft ramp). For 3-step HDB flat entrances which do not face the common corridor, we recommend a 6ft ramp or our telescopic ramps.