Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail For Fall Prevention

Our bestselling bed rail for the elderly, the EZ Adjust Bed Rail from Stander USA is the only bed guard in the world designed specially for elderly fall prevention. Best of all, it can be easily installed onto an existing bed in minutes.

"My mum fell from her bed and I thought I needed to get a hospital bed. Luckily I came across this bed rail and we didn't need to change the whole bed. Now my mum tells me she sleeps well every night with no fear of falling." 

  • Specially designed for elderly fall prevention

    The only extendable bed rail in the world

    Affordable alternative to a nursing bed

    Fits easily onto all beds, can be installed on either side

    Flip it down for easy transfers in and out of bed

    Includes safety strap to secure to any home bed (up to King size)

    Easy assembly: Install in minutes with 4 bolts and Allen wrench (included)

    Includes handy pouch to prevent entrapment

Stander Bed Rails Comparison Chart

Bed rail comparison chart

For framed beds, you may wish to install it nearer to the headboard so the user can get out without folding the rail down. For divan beds with no gap between bed and floor, secure the safety strap around the mattress or bed leg on the opposite side.