Ultra-Lite AIR Motorised Wheelchair (12.5 KG)

Weighing only 12.5 kg (excluding battery), the Ultra-Lite AIR Motorised Wheelchair is one of the lightest foldable electric wheelchairs in the world. It can be folded easily like a manual wheelchair, making it compact and portable. It is also easy to set the brakes to neutral and push the chair manually when needed.

The battery is detachable and allowed for bringing onboard airplanes as carry-on baggage (subject to operator approval). Each battery allows up to 10 km of travel. The chair can hold 2 batteries so you may purchase an additional backup battery for a total range of 20km. You can connect both batteries to the chair for concurrent use.

  • Lightweight and compact, only 12.5 kg without batteries

    2-in-1 design: Can switch from motorised to manual mode if needed

    Includes 1 quick-release battery, can be removed from wheelchair and charged separately

    Each battery allows travel up to 10 km

    Battery rating of 144WH is acceptable by most airlines for carry-on luggage