Solax Mobie Travel Scooter

The Solax Mobie is the most portable mobility scooter you can take on your travels. Weighing only 25 kg, it can be folded within seconds, and be pulled along like a luggage using its telescopic handle bar. 

The model with Standard Battery comes with a single 240WH battery. To bring this scooter on board, you need to obtain permission from your airline in advance. Otherwise, the default limit of 160WH will apply, and you will not be able to bring the battery with you.

For frequent travellers, consider the new model with Travel Battery which comes as 2 individual pieces, rated only 120WH each. They can be used individually, or strapped together with velcro to be used as single battery.

  • Product weight: 25 kg

    Weight capacity: 115 kg

    Driving range: Up to 15 km per charge

    Speed: 6 km/h

    24V, 10AH lithium battery

    Overall Length: 95 cm

    Overall Width: 43 cm

    Folded dimensions: 41 x 43 x 60 cm