Raised Toilet Seat

The Raised Toilet Seat can be added onto an existing toilet bowl to elevate the toilet seat surface so as to assist the user to sit and stand with ease. Besides being useful for those with existing toilet bowls that are too low and difficult to stand up from, it may also help those with arthritis, joint pain or hip fractures.


  • Easily secured to the toilet bowl with L-shaped plastic moulded brackets

  • Large front and rear cut-out design for easier personal cleansing

  • Includes seat cover


  • Available in 2 heights: 2.5" or 4" (both include seat cover)

  • Heavy duty moulded plastic construction provides durability

  • Fits toilet bowl with width approximately 33 - 41 cm
  • Toilet seat dimensions (Width x Depth): 35 x 39 cm
  • Weight capacity: 136 kg