Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board

Made in Germany, the Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board is used to transfer patients from one place to another, such as wheelchair to bed, toilet, or car seat. The patented German design is flexible and has a very smooth surface to minimise resistance due to friction. With the use of this board, the patient does not have to be able to stand up but can change positions while seated, either with or without assistance. The anti-slip strips at the bottom prevent the board from slipping away on the surface.

The board can be used with Slide Transfer Sheets for easier transfers.


  • Very smooth surface minimises friction and aids transfers

  • Anti-slip strips ensure board remains secure during transfer

  • 3-part design is flexible and bendable

  • Transfer a patient to a wheelchair, toilet, bed or car seat


  • Product size: 73 x 32 cm

  • Product weight: 1.4 kg

  • Weight capacity: 200 kg

  • Material: Polyethylene

  • Made in Germany

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