HappyWheels Lightweight Ergonomic Pushchair

The HappyWheels Lightweight Ergonomic Pushchair (Ergo Chair) is an affordable pushchair that places user comfort as a priority. The armrests can be adjusted, allowing users to be wheeled directly up to a table for meals. It also has a gently angled backrest to provide greater comfort for longer sittings.

"I love this wheelchair because the armrest can be lowered to wheel to the table when we bring my mother out to eat. It is also very affordable for such good quality and design. Thumbs up!" 

  • Adjustable armrests - Lower it to wheel right up to the table for meals

    Gently angled backrest for greater user comfort

    2-in-1 attendant hand brakes - No need to bend down to lock

    Fully detachable legrests & foldable backrest - Fits easily in car boot

    Lightweight and portable, yet strong

    Available in Ice Blue and Navy Blue

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