Deluxe Electric Hospital Bed with Quad Rails

The Electric Bed with Quad Rails provides good support for users who are bedridden or have limited mobility. The height can be easily adjusted to assist caregivers in easy positioning and for patient transfer. Available in 3-Function or 5-Function models. 

Note: If you need to deliver up/down a flight of stairs, please take a video and email us at, or call/ WhatsApp us at +65-8657-1657

  • 3 functions: Back recline, leg elevating, bed height adjustable

    5 functions: Back recline, leg elevating, bed height adjustable, Trendelenburg adjustable, Anti-Trendelenburg adjustable

    Ergonomic quad bed rails for extra protection, support and comfort

    Includes standard mattress

    4 swivel castor wheels with brakes for easy manoeuvring of the bed

    Backup battery pack for emergency operation of bed during power failure