Bion iLight Detachable Wheelchair

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The Bion iLight Detachable Wheelchair is a fully detachable model which is both lightweight and comfortable, suitable for longer sittings. The detachable armrests allow for easy transfer, while the removable footrests allow the wheelchair to fit easily into car boots.

For those who do not require the self-propel feature, check out the pushchair version which is suited for use with caregiver assistance. Pushchairs tend to be lighter and more portable.


  • Lightweight, portable

  • Foldable backrests

  • Detachable armrests & footrests

  • Removable seat cover

  • Includes safety belt

  • Available in two seat widths: 16" or 18"


Product Weight 13.5 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 100 kg
Overall Width 24" (61 cm) or 26" (66 cm)

Seat Dimensions (W x D)

16” x 17” (40.5 x 43 cm)

or 18" x 17" (46 x 43 cm)


Additional Specifications

  • Seat height: 19" (48.5 cm)

  • Front wheels diameter: 7"

  • Rear wheels diameter: 22"

Note: Before getting in or out of any pushchair/wheelchair, do remember to flip-up the footrests first to ensure safety:

How to flip up wheelchair footrest

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