Banana Turn Pillow for Positioning Support by Paramount Bed Japan

Designed by Paramount Japan, the Banana Turn Pillow for Positioning Support enables caregivers to easily and gently change the position of a patient from a supine position to a lateral one. This support pillow comes with grips that line up with a patient's body, making it easy to use and adjust.


  • Useful for positioning of patient

  • Place under different parts of the body to provide support and comfort

  • Easy-to-grasp grips designed for use in changing patient's position

  • Highly permeable pillow, can be machine washed

  • Flame-retardant finish to maintain safety


  • Comes in 3 size options: Small, Medium, or Large

  • Dimensions: 46 x 21 cm (Small), 109 x 31 cm (Medium), 140 x 42 cm (Large)

  • Weight: 0.2 kg (Small), 0.7 kg (Medium), 1.3 kg (Large)

  • Material: Pillow (Inner pad: 100% polyurethane foam, Outer surface: 100% polyester), Cover: 100% polyester