AgeGracefully Carbon Fiber Quad Cane

The most innovative Quad Cane walking sticks available, AgeGracefully Carbon Fiber Quad Canes come with interchangeable quad bases of different sizes as well as 3 different types of handle options that best suit the user. All canes come with a detachable wrist strap, a single self-standing tip base and a quad base.

Available in 3 Handle Options:

  • Ergonomic Handle: The most basic of the 3 options, this handle is ergonomically-shaped to provide more comfort for the user

  • Essential Handle with Manual Alarm: Includes a manual SOS alarm which users can activate in case of emergency as well as LED head lights to improve visibility at night

  • MP3 Auto Alarm Handle: Includes a MP3 and Radio player with 2GB microSD storage card, and an Auto-Fall SOS alarm which will be triggered automatically when it detects a fall

  • Lightweight and height adjustable

    Interchangeable base which is anti-slip and has a soft pivoting joint to encourage natural walking motions

    Includes wrist strap

    2 Quad base size options: Small (11 x 16 cm) and Medium (16 x 20 cm)

For instructions on how to assemble the cane, click here.