Slide Transfer Sheet

Our Slide Transfer Sheet helps to keep both patient and caregiver safe and secure during transfer activities such as transferring from wheelchair to bed, toilet or car. Its smooth surface reduces friction and minimises resistance, allowing patients to be transferred more easily.

Slide sheets require 2 layers to work well, and we recommend 1 Large (folded in half) or 2 Small. The slide transfer sheets can also be used with the Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board for easier transfers. 


  • Smooth surface minimises friction

  • Large size suits full body transfers, can be folded for smaller areas

  • Aids transfers from wheelchair to bed, toilet or car


  • Available sizes: Small (145 x 70 cm) or Large (145 x 200 cm)

  • Colours may differ from images shown

  • Made from premium quality nylon

  • Made in Australia