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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Seniors

November 25, 2021 4 min read

Christmas is coming and it is the season of giving!

Coming up with gifts for everyone can be challenging, especially for the elderly who may insist that they do not need anything. But fret not! We have come up with a Christmas gift guide specially for the elderly to help you prepare for your Christmas shopping.

Everyone has their own unique taste and preference. Therefore, the key to getting the perfect gift is practicality and functionality. Gifting them items that they will actually use, such as those that will help to make their lives easier, healthier, and more fun will definitely make a great gift.

Here are 10 gift ideas for your elderly loved ones you may want to consider:

1. Handy Handle, $29

The Handy Handle is a great device that provides an easier grip and better leverage when helping someone stand from a bed, sofa, car or toilet, especially when lifting those who are heavier than you. Bid farewell to awkward grabbing and arm pulling and help your elderly loved ones help each other up with this useful and affordable device.

2. Canes by The Cane Collective, $39 - $49

the cane collective rainbow cane

These foldable and stylish canes come in 16 unique designs. It serves as a great walking support to keep your elderly loved ones independent and safe, and even a fantastic way for them to spice up their outfits! Not only are they height adjustable, they also come with a wrist strap and waterproof carry bag so seniors can carry them wherever they go.

3. EZ-Fold-N-Go Walker, $199

Mobility aids provide seniors with a gift of mobility and independence, especially for those who struggle to walk. Walkers are a great alternative to the traditional walking aids. It is compact, portable, user-friendly, and removes the need for lifting. With this walker, your elderly loved ones can receive constant support both outdoors and around the house. It is a great confidence booster that may even encourage them to walk more!

4. AquaPaint Dementia Activity Set, $35

AquaPaint Dementia Activity Set

Made specially for seniors with dementia, this paint set serves as great conversation starters and a fun and engaging bonding activity for the family this Christmas. Simply paint the sheet with water and watch the image appear! Pick their favourite set of images amongst the 5 different sets ranging from Ocean Life to Garden Wonders. This mess-free activity is a great way for the elderly to occupy their free-time. What’s even better, the sheets are reusable and are ready to be used time and time again.

5. Relish Radio & Music Player Speaker, $219

“Music is life itself”. No matter what our age is, music is a powerful tool that improves our well-being. This device is perfect for seniors, especially those with dementia, with an easy-to-use control panel, large buttons for clarity, and a volume dial that will never reach zero so that users always know it's on. Let your elderly loved ones surround themselves with music and joy this festive season!

6. Bed Caddie, $39

The bed caddie has a unique 3 hand grip ladder-like design that makes getting out of bed easy. It can be attached to any bed frame, and installed or removed in seconds. This device is perfect for seniors who refuse assistive aids such as bed rails, but still require help sitting up. Its design enables it to be easily hidden or kept when not in use. Help to boost their independence this Christmas with our trusty bed caddie!

7. Portable Home Exercise Pedaler, $34.90

With the pandemic keeping the elderly at home, it may be difficult for them to get the regular exercise they need to maintain a healthy body and mind. This exercise pedaler is the ideal exercise equipment for them to tone both their legs and arms. It is extremely safe, allowing users to sit down and exercise, and also compact for storage and transportation. Additionally, resistance levels can be adjusted to suit users of different physical strengths.

Add on a Pedometer (+$8) to measure the rotations per minute (RPM), calories burnt and exercise duration for that extra sense of achievement!

8. Car Accessories (Metro Car Handle, $49 + Swivel Cushion, $39)

The car accessory duo you never knew you needed! The Metro Car Handle serves as an excellent leverage and support to make getting in and out of the car easy. It is fitted into the universal U-shaped striker plate available on the door frames of cars, and includes a torchlight for emergencies.

Paired together with the Swivel Cushion, this brilliant cushion allows users to twist and turn in their seat in any direction. Its durable and flexible base allows it to swivel despite the contours of your car seat. It can be placed on top of any chair, and is a great and affordable alternative to purchasing a brand new swivel chair.

9. Ultra Comfort Water Cushion, $49

Not able to have a white Christmas because of Singapore’s heat? Stay cool this Christmas with our OCA Ultra Comfort Water Cushion! Suitable for all ages, this cooling cushion helps to improve comfort and reduce pressure which is ideal for long sittings such as at home or in the office. With its unique water and foam technology that produces a cool sensation, give your family and friends the gift of comfort this Christmas!

10. Vermeiren Normandie Luxury Relax Geriatric Chair, $850

Last but definitely not the least, let your elderly parents or grandparents feel like a king or queen with our ultimate Christmas gift - The Vermeiren Normandie Luxury Relax Geriatric Chair. Made in Belgium, this is the most luxurious geriatric chair you can find with its ergonomic contoured backrest and headrest, and adjustable armrests. This reclinable chair is specially designed for the comfort of older persons, and will certainly be a fantastic addition to their homes.

We hope that this guide has been helpful to plan out your Christmas shopping this year. The TGC Team wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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