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Interesting Mobility Accessories You Didn't Know About

August 05, 2020 2 min read

Besides using your usual mobility aids, there are accessories which serve various functions to increase convenience and comfort for users. Here are 6 accessories you might want to consider adding to your mobility aids!

For Walking Canes

Designer Walking Sticks, Foldable & Adjustable | The Golden Concepts

At first glance, it might seem like that is all there is to walking canes. What you might not know, however, is that these walking canes can stand on their own with the help of an accessory or two.

1. Clip Cane Holder

Unsure about where to rest your cane when seated? Fret not, as the Clip Cane Holder allows you to keep it within reach at all times. When attached, it allows for the caneto rest on the edge of a table or desk. 

2. Cane Tips

If you are interested in making your walking cane free-standing or require greater stability, you might want to change its tip. Both are compact and support users when they climb stairs, but the Sky Med Quad Cane Tip (right) is more flexible and has a smaller base while the Stable Cane Tip (left) is more stable and has a larger base.


3. Magnetic Wrist Loop With Glow-In-The-Dark Backplate

Similar to the Clip Cane Holder, the Magnetic Wrist Loop can be clipped onto a walking cane, which can then be attached to theGlow-In-The-Dark Backplate.The backplate itself has a self-adhesive strip, allowing users to stick it to a wall. This is most useful at night, when users wish to locate their walking cane and to attach or detach it from the wall easily.


For Wheelchairs

Wheelchair accessories help users cope withpoor posture after prolonged sitting, difficulties moving up and down steps and even the unpredictable weather in Singapore.

1. Ergo Cushion

When users sit in their wheelchairs for a long time, they might encounter back strain. The Ergo Cushion relieves pressure on the area whilst promoting air circulation and preventing sliding, making it an ideal product. 

2. Umbrella Holder

The Umbrella Holder frees the users’ hands as it can be attached directly to a wheelchair. Both its height and angle are adjustable to ensure that the umbrella is placed in its optimum position. Fewer reasons to complain about the scorching sun or sudden rain now!


3. Ramp

An increasing number of wheelchair ramps can now be seen around HDB estates and public spaces, but it is also important to ensure that you have them at home forsmall curbs 2" to 5" high. The Standard Wooden Ramp is a simple way to improve safety and accessibility.


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