Your P2HA Essential: Rollator

August 19, 2021 3 min read

Covid-19 restrictions are finally easing! As we start leaving our homes to go out and dine in with our family and friends, consider getting a rollator to help you or your elderly loved ones get around.

What are rollators?

Rollators are modified versions of walking frames, but with wheels attached to them so users do not have to lift when walking. They also come with handbrakes and a built-in seat for users to sit down and take a rest anywhere, at any time. This way, it is less tiring for them and they would be able to travel longer distances independently. 

Rollators are especially useful for people suffering from balancing disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease. They help to maintain one’s stability at all times, giving them the confidence to leave their homes and move about independently.

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Essential in the current pandemic

In public areas such as shopping malls or even void decks, you may notice that certain seats are crossed out due to social distancing measures. This may be a big problem especially for weaker individuals like the elderly who need to rest often. 

Having a rollator can help to enhance the lives of the elderly amidst the current pandemic and its restrictions. It serves as a portable chair that they can use to rest wherever they want, which will in turn encourage them to go out and take walks. All they have to do is engage the breaks and sit down!

Our HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator even comes with a cane holder, a bottle holder and a bag to hold all your belongings. Its compact size enables it to fit in cars, making it a perfect travel companion.


Remaining Independent

As we age, it gets more challenging to get around with ease. The limited mobility of the elderly often holds them back from going out, as they are afraid of being too tired to come back home or if they happen to lose their balance and suffer from a fall. As a result, many of them prefer to remain cooped up at home.

However, a rollator would allow them to retain their independence, mobility and health. With more support and more resting opportunities, they can travel longer distances and to more places without tiring as quickly. This will make them more confident and encourage them to get outside and exercise regularly, improving their fitness levels. Additionally, rollators are extremely easy to navigate and can be used across different surfaces, making it an easy and versatile product for the elderly.


Which walking aid is suitable? 

Different walking aids are suitable for different users with different mobility levels. For example, walking frames would be more suited towards users with limited mobility and tend to require more support standing. Whereas for rollators, their users are more mobile and simply require two-handed support to travel long distances. Walkers on the other hand are for users who are in between this spectrum, with its rear skii gliders providing more friction and hence more stability for users as compared to rollators.

For more information on which walking aid is suitable for you or your loved ones, view our Mobility Spectrum HERE.


2-in-1 Rollator + Pushchair

Considering between a rollator or pushchair? Why not get both! Transform your rollator into a pushchair in seconds with our Rollz Motion 2-in-1 Rollator Pushchair. You have the freedom to choose between walking safely or sitting comfortably on a pushchair when travelling longer distances. This is the perfect device for people who are still mobile but not able to walk much.

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