Grandma Hong’s Favourite Stay-Home Activities

August 12, 2021 2 min read

Staying home can be very boring, especially for the elderly who are less technologically-savvy. With the current restrictions in-place, social interactions are limited and hence it is important for seniors to be able to keep themselves entertained at home.

We speak to Grandma Hong to find out what her favourite things to do at home are when she is bored. Here is her list of 7 must-do things at home:

1. Sing Karaoke

Karaoke rooms closed? No problem! Grandma Hong has brought the karaoke back to her own living room. Her family members help her to play her favourite songs on YouTube, and she sings-along to them using her very own microphone.


2. Play games on her iPad

Who says the elderly don’t play online games? Not only does Grandma Hong love to play games on her iPad, she is also extremely good at it. Her top 2 favourite games include Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush and she is already past level 2000 for both games! Playing such games helps to stimulate her mind and gives her a sense of achievement when she passes a level and moves on to the next one.


3. Watch TV

Grandma Hong is an avid watcher of television and always makes sure to keep up with her favourite TV shows. She is a major K-Drama fan, with her current favourite being Mother Of Mine that she watches on either television or the MeWATCH App.


4. Cook

Cooking is one of Grandma Hong’s favourite hobbies, and is also one of her most confident skills. She likes to show her love and affection to her family and friends by cooking for them and inviting them over for a weekly meal together. This pandemic has even helped to brush up her cooking skills. Every Thursday, she watches Silver Carnival (or 银色嘉年华) on Channel 8 to learn new recipes and tries them out.


5. Exercise

Every morning at 10am, Grandma Hong makes it a point to watch Get Fit With Me (or 健康那些事) on Channel 8. From there, she learns and follows the coach to try out different exercises. Here is an arm exercise that she has learnt from the series - using a weighted object such as a tissue box to do arm raises.


6. Call family members

With her newly-learnt Whatsapp voice and video calling skills, Grandma Hong loves to call her family members to chit chat with. Whether it is catching up with the latest family gossip or asking how their day is, Grandma Hong manages to stay in contact with her loved ones amidst the COVID-19 restrictions.


7. Snack

Are you truly Singaporean if you don’t love to eat? Like all of us, Grandma Hong loves snacking at home. According to her, it is the perfect combination alongside her K-dramas. Her favourite snacks include black melon seeds (or 瓜子), jelly, M&M peanut chocolates and ice cream.


What are some favourite activities your loved ones enjoy at home? You can always try out some of Grandma Hong’s recommendations today!

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