What You Should Look Out For When Buying A Geriatric Chair

November 17, 2022 3 min read

Geriatric chairs are specially designed for older persons who may need more support and safety features when sitting for extended periods of time. They are very comfortable chairs which usually include a high-density cushioning to enable the elderly person to stand up easily from a sitting position. Some geriatric chairs have lifting and reclining functions, (also known as lift recliners for the elderly) which can help your elderly loved ones stand and sit down, as well as lie down in a comfortable position for resting. 

Here are some tips on what to look out for when purchasing a geriatric chair in Singapore for you or your loved ones.


How many positions do you need for the chair?

Most geriatric chairs have two key positions; the ability to recline the upper body, and the ability to adjust the leg rest. Some chairs will offer more features such as being able to recline completely such that the user can lie down flat at 180 degrees for an optimum rest.  It is essential to know the needs and preferences of the user so that you can choose the most suitable geriatric chair.  

For users who often require assistance in patient transfers, it is crucial to bear in mind the various transfer products that aid a caregiver when a transfer needs to be done. In such cases, a chair that has adjustable armrests will be very useful as the armrests can be lowered to be in line with the seating surface, and the user can be transferred easily from the chair to the wheelchair or bed.


Comfort of the user is essential

The material of the seating surface on the geriatric chair is an important consideration as the user will likely spend a lot of time seated in the chair. It should also be versatile enough for them to perform multiple activities in the chair, such as eating during meal-times, doing table activities, watching TV, and taking a nap.

Geriatric chairs are designed with high-density cushioning to prevent older persons from sinking into the chair and then having difficulty in standing up. High-density cushions will ensure that the seating surface is firm enough such that they can perform sit-to-stand easily, and at the same time, soft enough to be comfortable for the user to sit for extended periods.

Some models of geriatric chairs will also have added features such as a contoured design, to ensure it is ergonomically suited to support and spread out the pressure away from the sit bones. Geriatric chairs with headrests and adjustable armrests will ensure greater comfort for the user as they will be able to rest fully while being supported at all times.


Hygiene and maintenance

As elderly persons are more vulnerable to disease and infection, it is important to keep the geriatric chair clean at all times. Geriatric chairs are designed with a smooth upholstery, so that they are less likely to trap bacteria and can be easily cleaned and maintained with a damp cloth. For geriatric chairs with tray tables, these tables can be easily removed to facilitate proper cleaning, especially after meal-times. By regularly keeping your geriatric chair clean and well-maintained, it will help to ensure that the chair can last for a long time.



At The Golden Concepts, we are dedicated to enabling our elderly loved ones to age well in their golden years. Our wide range of eldercare products and equipment are specially curated to maximise mobility and independence, so the elderly can enjoy a high quality of life. Geriatric chairs are an excellent option for elderly persons who are less mobile or those who tend to sit for long periods of time. If you are looking for specialized geriatric chairs such as recliner chairs, or chairs with lift recliners for elderly persons, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to serve you.

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