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5 Transfer Products To Ease The Life of Caregivers

July 06, 2021 2 min read


It’s not easy being a caregiver. On top of the emotional burden one might carry from looking after a loved one, the constant lifting of a person’s body weight can take a toll on one’s physical health. Patient transfers cause a significant amount of stress, as they require both strength and technique. When carried out poorly, they might even be dangerous for both caregivers and patients. Fortunately, there are many products available for caregivers. With them, transferring patients from one place to another will no longer be as taxing anymore. Caregivers can also benefit from greater convenience and reduced pressure! 

These are some products that help to keep both patients and caregivers safe and secure: 

1. Easy Transfer Chair

With the Easy Transfer Chair, caregivers no longer have to lift patients up on their own. Instead, the product “kiaps” users from the front before rolling them out, minimising movement on their part. It also allows caregivers to avoid back strain from carrying out transfers daily, reducing the risk of injury. It is easy to use and even has the added function of a commode! 


2. Transfer Belt with Thigh Strap 

For caregivers who require more grip, the Transfer Belt with Thigh Strap includes handles for pulling patients up, increasing security and stability.

3. Transfer Board and Sheet 

Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer BoardMobility Slide Transfer Sheet

Patients who are unable to stand might benefit from the Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board and Slide Transfer Sheet, which allow them to move from one place to another while seated. The board contains anti-slip strips that prevent slipping at the bottom, and has a smooth surface to minimise resistance due to friction at the top. It is also flexible and bendable, making it suitable for areas of different sizes. 

a. Transfers across different surfaces

b. Regular bed repositioning and turning

Slide Transfer Sheet, Transfer Equipment | The Golden Concepts

c. Independent Transfers

Petermann Alpha Sliding Transfer Board

4. Detachable Pushchair

    HappyWheels Lightweight Detachable Pushchair

    TheHappyWheels Lightweight Detachable Pushchair is affordable, lightweight and perfect for patient transfers. This is because the armrests can be detached easily and pushed to the back, freeing up space. They are also height-adjustable, providing comfort and convenience for dining at a table. 

    5. Industrial Back Support

      Industrial Back Support

      For extra support and spine protection, caregivers might use the Industrial Back Support when lifting patients. 

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