All About Geriatric Chairs: What Are They & How to Use Them?

December 11, 2023 4 min read

As we grow older, we may face challenges in our day-to-day activities, including everyday movements such as walking, standing up, and sitting down. Fortunately, there have been many innovations in eldercare equipment to provide ease and comfort for those with limited mobility. These devices include foldable walking frames, lift recliner chairs, and geriatric chairs.

Geriatric chairs are growing in popularity due to their useful features, and they are currently among the most popular eldercare devices to help the elderly in their daily lives.

Read to learn more about geriatric chairs, how it should be used, and how it differs from a regular sofa or wheelchair.


What is a geriatric chair?

A geriatric chair is a chair specially designed for an elderly person, with specific features to keep them safe and supported. They usually have sturdy armrests to support the user to sit and stand safely, medium to firm cushioning and a higher seat height so the elderly person can sit and stand easily. These chairs are usually also weighted with a low center of gravity to create a stable surface for users. Some geriatric chairs for the elderly also have the added feature of being able to recline, to allow users to take a nap comfortably and safely without having to transfer to another location.

While commonly used by the elderly, geriatric chairs are also suitable for people recovering from an illness or injury or anyone with limited mobility. With its specially designed features, a geriatric chair can encourage independence and improve safety for users. A geriatric chair also provides the user with the ability to customise their positioning, to ensure that they stay comfortable and relaxed.


How should a geriatric chair be used?

A geriatric chair can be used as the primary chair for an elderly person at home. It is a good alternative to sitting on a regular sofa, which may be too soft or too low and may not be as comfortable for the user to sit for longer periods. Some geriatric chair models have drop-down armrests which allow users who are less mobile to be transferred easily from one surface to another. There are also those with lockable wheels so the user can be wheeled easily from different parts of the house with the assistance of a caregiver.

During nap time, there is no need to transfer users to the bed as they can simply recline the backrest into a comfortable position. Electric geriatric chairs allow users to control the angles simply with the push of the button, anytime they wish.

Most geriatric chairs are also equipped with a tray table, which are useful for mealtimes or for activities such as reading or writing. These tray tables can be easily attached and removed when not in use.

There are also simpler models of geriatric chairs which are designed to be used at the dining table, with a sturdy wooden frame and ergonomic armrests to assist the user with standing up on their own. For these, there is also an option to add on wheels so that caregivers can easily navigate the user up close to the table for meals.


How does a geriatric chair differ from a regular sofa or wheelchair?

Compared to a sofa, a geriatric chair or lift recliner for the elderly is specially designed for elderly users to accommodate their mobility needs and keep them comfortable at home. Wheelchairs are mainly designed for users on the move, and are not the best option for home use especially for longer sittings.

The wide variety of geriatric chairs available allows users to choose a chair that best suits their needs, including features such as reclining and lifting functions, lockable wheels, armrest designs, and more. Given that the elderly user may sit for long periods of time, geriatric chairs are designed with better support and positioning, encouraging better posture.

Safety is also a big consideration for elderly users, and geriatric chairs come with extra features such as a safety belt and sturdy armrests to support the user and reduce the risk of falls. For added comfort, geriatric chairs come with padded full legrests, armrests, contoured backrests, and firm cushioning, which are usually not present in a regular sofa or wheelchair.



A geriatric chair is a chair specially designed for an elderly user, to ensure they are comfortable and safe at home. With its wide range of features, a geriatric chair can bring so much comfort, safety, and freedom to its users. It is important to take note of the factors you should look out for when buying a geriatric chair.

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