7 Walker-Based Exercises For Senior Strength And Stability

September 21, 2023 3 min read

7 Walker-Based Exercises For Senior Strength And Stability

Regular exercise has multiple benefits for older persons, including improving and maintaining muscle strength and balance, and reducing the risk of falls and injury. For those who are using mobility aids, there are many simple exercises that are easy to follow and can be done with the help of any walker or walking frame.

Walker-based exercises are a great way to encourage seniors to lead a healthier lifestyle despite mobility restrictions. For seniors using a rollator, remember to lock the wheels to prevent it from moving during the exercise session. Using a walker or rollator will help provide the extra balance and stability to help you in your exercises. For those who do not require a walker or rollator at the moment, you can explore several simple home exercises as an alternative. While engaging in walker-based exercises, remember to breathe in and out naturally to allow for good circulation to the entire body.

Below, we will explore 7 walker-based exercises to enhance strength and stability for seniors.




1. Gastrocnemius (calf) stretch

Standing hip-width apart and holding on to the walker, shift your left leg approximately one foot behind you. Adjust the distance between the front and back leg until you feel comfortable. Continue to hold on to the walker, then start to lean forward and shift your body weight onto your front heel to feel the stretch on the calf muscles located at the back of your lower left leg. Repeat this for 60 seconds on each leg. This helps to stretch out and lengthen your leg and back muscles. 


2. Standing hamstring stretch

Extend out your left leg with your toes raised towards the direction of the ceiling and only your heels touching the ground while keeping the left leg straight. Bend your right leg, shifting some of your body weight onto the walker with your elbows leaning on the handles. Hold the position for 60 seconds before returning to standing and repeat for the right leg. It is normal for one hamstring to feel tighter compared to the other.




3. Walking

Walking is an excellent form of cardiovascular activity which allows you to stretch and strengthen the muscles throughout your body. It can engage your leg muscles to support your body weight and the core muscles to support your back. Keep a good upright posture to enjoy the wonderful benefits of walking.


4. Squats

Compared to regular exercise squats, this modified version mimics the motion of a sit-to-stand motion while holding on to the walker for balance and support. Keep your feet firmly placed on the ground and hip-width apart to distribute your weight on both legs evenly. Bend your knees slowly, lowering your hips towards the ground while keeping your back straight to protect it. This strengthening exercise helps to strengthen your leg muscles for support and balance in your everyday activities.


5. Heel raises

Heel raises strengthen the calf muscles in your legs, which support your foot and ankle. This keeps the supporting stabilising muscles strong and agile, and decreases the risk of falls. Holding on to the walker, keeping your feet slightly apart, slowly raise your heels until you reach a tiptoe position. Hold the position for 1-2 seconds before returning slowly to the ground. Repeat 20 times and stop if you start experiencing any pain or discomfort.


6. Hip abduction

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold on to the walker, extend your left leg out to the side with your knees micro-bent to avoid strain. Bring the leg back and repeat it on the right leg, alternating your leg each time. Repeat each side 20 times. The exercise improves strength and stability by working on the hip abductor muscles.


7. Standing hamstring curl

Using your walker as support, start to bend your left knee and bring your left foot towards your buttocks. Keep your legs aligned while keeping your lower leg close to the back of your thigh. It is alright if they do not touch; pay close attention to the gentle stretch in the front part of your thighs. Repeat on the right leg. The motion engages your hamstrings and glutes and strengthens them.



Encourage your loved ones to adopt these simple walker-based exercises to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, reduce the risk of accidents, and improve their overall well-being. Starting with small and easy exercises is a great way to motivate seniors to commit to these exercises. At The Golden Concepts, we are committed to providing the best selection of eldercare equipment for your elderly loved ones. From daily essentials such as grab bars, rollator walkers, to lift recliners for the elderly, we offer a wide range of products designed to enhance the quality of life of seniors.

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