The Golden Concepts - Female Startup Entrepreneurs With a Heart For The Elderly

The Golden Concepts 

Female Startup Entrepreneurs With a Heart For The Elderly

SINGAPORE, 25 May 2017 – Fresh out of university, two young entrepreneurs started The Golden Concepts in September 2011, an e-commerce company which curates a wide range of innovative eldercare products, after being inspired by their student exchange programme to Denmark during their undergraduate days.    

The two young entrepreneurs behind the e-commerce company are Lee Chang Xi and Vanessa Keng, both 29, best friends who met during their days in National University of Singapore (NUS), where they were neighbours in Kent Ridge Hall and schoolmates in Business School.

They were first inspired after embarking on a student exchange programme in Denmark, where they saw that the elderly enjoyed a high quality of life and were very independent. As such, they were motivated to introduce the concept of independent ageing to Singapore, where ageing is largely focused on rehabilitative and nursing care.

The Golden Concepts firmly believes in the importance of independent living and ageing well, and strives to make their products easily accessible on their e-commerce platform. Besides Singapore, they also reach out to international customers with their recently integrated real-time shipping feature.

Apart from providing a wide selection of eldercare products, they constantly engage with the public by creating educational material and interactive content on their social media platforms and blog.  

Additionally, The Golden Concepts’ main focus is on mobility devices, since they believe that improving and maximizing mobility can ensure that seniors maintain their independence and achieve a better quality of life.

Their motivation stems from seeing satisfied customers benefit from using their products. Furthermore, knowing that they can help their loved ones find suitable products to improve their daily lives keeps them going.

While it has not been a smooth-sailing journey, the founders of The Golden Concepts have always maintained positive mindsets.

Chang Xi, said: “ One thing that Vanessa and I share is that we always know that we can overcome anything. So even when there are problems that we are unable to handle alone, when we discuss it with each other and our team, we are able to see things from a different perspective and have the confidence to overcome it”.

When asked for advice to give to young, aspiring entrepreneurs, Vanessa said: “You just have to start with a small step. Don’t overthink it, just do it and you’ll learn along the way. Most people are afraid to even try.”

They have since come a long way over a span of six years, from selling only four products on their e-commerce platform, to over 400 products at present. Currently, The Golden Concepts also have their own brands of products which include “The Cane Collective”, a range of designer walking canes designed to suit the Asian market, “HappyBath”, a series of affordable bath products to improve safety in the bathroom, and “HappyWheels”, a range of travel-friendly wheelchairs and walkers. They also have plans to introduce more of their own brands in the upcoming months.

After doing some market research on Singapore’s consumer needs, Chang Xi and Vanessa bring in products, mostly from Europe, Taiwan, and America.

With regard to bringing only the best products, Chang Xi said: “When we come across customers and their parents who tell you how much impact the products have had on their lives, it is the most rewarding experience that we get,” said Chang Xi.

The Golden Concepts constantly bring in new products and adapt their offering to meet the various needs of their customers.

They are also looking to expand regionally to make their products more accessible in other parts of Southeast Asia.


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About The Golden Concepts:

Established in September 2011, The Golden Concepts is an e-commerce store which curates quality eldercare products to enable ageing well. Rather than approaching eldercare with an ‘assisted’ concept, The Golden Concepts strongly advocates the importance of maintaining mobility, a key determinant of ageing well. 

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