Educational Talks

Virtual Talk: Managing Mobility of Older Adults

9th September 2020

Physiotherapist Bavita Leong from K.H Poon Physiotherapy shared with us about the common causes of loss of mobility in seniors, ways to prevent falls and some simple exercises that seniors can do at home to maintain mobility.

Check out our Guide to Fall Prevention HERE.

Virtual Talk: Elderly Mental Wellness

12th July 2020

Occupational Therapists from Lifeweavers shared with us about different mental health issues that seniors around us face. They shared some advice targeting common problems that caregivers struggle with when caring for seniors with mental health issues. 

 E-book: Elderly Mental Wellness >>

 Virtual Talk: All about Dementia

11th & 13th June 2020

Resident occupational therapist, Elizabeth Piper, from Lifeweavers shared with us about Dementia causes, behavioural triggers, how to engage persons with dementia and to emotionally support them. 

E-book: A Quick Guide to Dementia >>

Talk: Lasting Power of Attorney

26th May 2018

Dr Vina Doshi from Agewell Seniors Clinic shared with us all about Lasting Power of Attorney. The benefits, importance, how to apply, it's cost. 

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