Blissfull Motion Sensor Alert System

Blissfull Motion Sensor Alert System is a non-intrusive, activity-based sensing system that monitors the movement of your loved ones at home throughout the day. Various motion sensors are placed in different parts of the home to monitor activity, and smart alerting rules trigger alerts when the user is inactive for extended periods of time. The alert system also includes two panic buttons for emergencies.


  • Inactivity detection - Smart alerting rules can trigger alerts to caregivers

  • Privacy is respected - Motion sensors are less intrusive compared to cameras

  • Includes 2 panic buttons for emergency situations

  • Easy to set-up, no tools nor additional wiring required

  • Sensors learn and keep track of your loved ones' daily routine

  • Family members and caregivers get notified instantly, respond swiftly


  • Each box includes: 1x Mini Gateway, 4x Motion Sensors, 1x Portable Panic Button, 1x Wall-Mount Panic Button, 1x Door Sensor

  • Free installation service included with every purchase