5 Age Friendly Trips to Take in Asia

July 06, 2021 5 min read

There is nothing like a good vacation to put a smile on people’s faces. Yet, sometimes we let our worries take over and stop us from doing just that. To help you out, here are 5 age and pocket-friendly trips you can take in Asia with your loved ones.


1. Take a Cruise to Penang, Malaysia

For those who crave a short getaway, taking a cruise to Penang is a natural choice! There are excellent amenities onboard cruise ships that allows for seamless accessibility while taking you and your elderly loved ones to your destination in comfort and style. Not only are cruise ships wheelchair-friendly and extremely accessible for the elderly and those with limited mobility, but your cabin is also never too far away. This allows greater flexibility in planning your schedule onboard and could be incredibly valuable for travellers who tend to tire easily.

Cruise ships are also an all-in-one entertainment venue with great programs and activities that cater to travellers of all ages and preferences, making it a perfect venue for a multi-generational family get-away. You could enjoy a relaxing massage onboard or even seize the opportunity to dress up for a fancy dinner for that long overdue date night with your loved one. What’s not to love?

Upon arrival at Penang, take advantage of the relatively low-priced cab fares to explore the whimsical streets of the city with ease. Eat your way through Georgetown on Penang Island and soak in the atmosphere of this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City while you’re at it!


2. Hop on a Short Flight to Hong Kong

Not a fan of long-haul flights? Make Hong Kong your next travel destination! Merely a four-hour flight away from Singapore, the famed land of dim sum is another excellent age-friendly travel destination. While the streets of Hong Kong Island are somewhat narrow, they tend to be evenly paved which allows for easier accessibility. Subway stations, buses, and trams in Hong Kong are also fitted with wheelchair accessible facilities. Furthermore, the extensive and affordable transportation network within Hong Kong reduces the need for the elderly to walk long distances between the island’s main attractions. Hong Kong’s main attractions, such as the Victoria Peak and Avenue of Stars, are also very accessible for those with limited mobility. We also recommend bringing along the HappyWheels Travel Chair to ensure your loved ones can rest when they are tired.

On top of that, Hong Kong offers generous senior discounts on its transportation and attraction, which could save you a great deal of money. Check out the Elderly Octopus Card and the various senior discounts available before embarking on your trip.


3. Explore Taipei, Taiwan

For those who might find Hong Kong a tad too crowded, Taipei is a great alternative. In Taipei, you can still feel the humming of the city without the overwhelming crowds. This could potentially translate into fewer crowds that you might have to wrestle with on public transportation which increases the ease of traveling for the elderly. Taipei’s public transportation network is also well-equipped with elder-friendly and wheelchair-friendly facilities which makes it a great age-friendly destination. The charming streets of Jiu Fen and the rich history of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall are just some of the many attractions you can find in Taipei that are easy to enjoy for travellers of all ages. Plus, if you get tired of the constant bustling of the city, Taipei is only a short trip away from Yilan where you can experience farm stays and feed a sheep or two. Check out our Foldable Seat Cane, which you can use as a walking aid, and when you're tired, it can double as a seat for you to rest on.

4. Soak in the Hustle and Bustle of Seoul, South Korea

If you or your elderly loved ones are great k-drama fans, Seoul is the place for you! Seoul is a bustling cultural capital that is also one of the most age-friendly cities in the world. Public transportation facilities are well-equipped with escalators and elevators that make it a breeze for the less-mobile to navigate through. Seoul’s main attractions are extremely close to its subway stations. Some of which are only a minute walk from the station. These attractions include the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace. This guarantees that there will be less walking and more sightseeing on your itinerary. Remember to bring along your Foldable Walking Canes for longer walks.

Seoul also offers a wide variety of indoor attractions which will keep you warm and entertained. This way, you don’t have to worry about the slippery or snow-laden pavements outside. On rainy or snowy days, head to the COEX Aquarium which houses the most number of sharks in the whole of South Korea. The Aquarium is also equipped with 20 rest areas so you can always be sure that you can quickly take a break if you or your elderly loved ones need one. Plus, they offer discounted admission tickets for seniors over the age of 65.


5. Road Trip Through Hokkaido, Japan

For an off-the-beaten-path vacation with your elderly loved ones, why not take a road trip through Hokkaido, Japan? Japan is famed for its age-friendly facilities and amenities. With its cutting-edge technology, Japan is an obvious choice for a vacation with your elderly loved ones. However, much has been said about Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. If you’re up for an adventure, a road trip through Hokkaido will be perfect for you! Hokkaido offers miles and miles of scenic drive littered with beautiful sights of mountains, fields, and flowers. (If you’re a huge fan of tulips, plan a trip to Hokkaido around late-May to catch the beautiful blooms!) The best part is, the drive will take you straight to famous sights that will leave you in awe. Hence, a road trip will be great for those who tire while walking.

To increase the comfort and convenience of your journey, check out theSwivel Cushion which will enable your elderly loved one to exit the car with minimal effort and the Car Handle which offers additional support for them as they move in and out of the vehicle.

From New Chitose Airport, be sure to head down to Furano to check out the Blue Pond and the Seven Stars Tree. You could also head down to Noboribetsu if you are a fan of natural hot springs. Hot springs have many health benefits such as improved blood circulation and are incredibly popular amongst the elder folk in Japan. So, if you’re in Hokkaido, be sure to visit Noboribetsu and its hosts of elder-friendly hotels and hot springs that you’ll be sure to love!



When it comes to encouraging our elderly loved ones to live more independent and healthy lives, the best thing we can do is to provide them with the right elderly equipment so that they feel comfortable and safe. At The Golden Concepts, we are committed to improving the quality of life of elderly persons and our products are designed to address a wide range of diverse needs. If you need help finding a wheelchair with detachable arms, geriatric chair for elderly, or any other eldercare equipment, contact us today and we will be happy to serve you.


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