Travel Easy with HappyWheels Travel Chair

November 21, 2018 3 min read

Bringing your mobility aids along with you on vacation can be tricky. Travel-friendly mobility aids have not always been widely available nor affordable. As a result, more often than not, we let the fear of inconvenience stop us from travelling with our loved ones.

But, travelling to your dream destinations with your loved ones shouldn’t be an impossible task. Travel-friendly mobility aids are gaining in popularity and have become more accessible over the years. So you don’t have to forgo that long-awaited trip anymore!

Our recommendation? Definitely the HappyWheels Travel Chair. The Travel Chair is a perfect travel companion for you and your loved ones. Designed specifically to be travel-friendly, the Travel Chair is lightweight, portable and durable. It even fits into a convenient carry bag!  

Why the HappyWheels Travel Chair?

#1 It is lightweight.

The main concern of all travellers is to pack light and to travel light! With our traditional mobility aids, that can be extremely tricky and almost impossible to achieve.

However, the Travel Chair weighs merely 9.5kg. It is about 1-2kg lighter than the average lightweight pushchairs. Amazing, isn’t it?

#2 It is compact.

Nobody likes to travel with a car-full of huge baggage! Bulky chairs can be a real pain to bring around.

The Travel Chair can be folded into a small compact size of 25 x 27 x 76cm and fits perfectly into a carry bag. This way, you won’t have to struggle with carrying a big chair along with the rest of your bags!


#3 It is comfortable.

Some compact wheelchairs have a really small seat which can be really uncomfortable. However, despite its small size, the Travel Chair has a spacious seat which makes it more comfortable for its users. It even comes with adjustable footrests for maximum comfort. Best of both worlds!

Of course, if you're looking for a chair for everyday use, you should consider a regular pushchair or wheelchair. Those tend to come with padded backrests and seats for greater comfort!

FAQs: Travelling with the HappyWheels Travel Chair

#1 Can I bring my Travel Chair Wheelchair onboard the plane?

Most airlines require wheelchairs to be checked in. However, the surest way to find out is to call the airlines to find out. Since the Travel Chair is pretty compact, there is a chance that your airline will allow it to be carried on board.




#2 Do I have to pay additional charges to check-in my Travel Chair Wheelchair?

Most airlines do not include the weight of your wheelchair as part of your total baggage weight if the wheelchair user is taking the flight.

However, if a non-wheelchair user is transporting the wheelchair for someone else, it will be included in the total baggage weight. Under these circumstances, you may have to pay an extra charge.

#3 Will the Travel Chair Wheelchair be damaged?

Some airlines might not the most conscientious when it comes to baggage handling. To prevent damage, ask for a ‘fragile’ sticker and attach it to your Travel Chair before you check it in. 

You can also line the insides of your carry bag with packing foam to protect the Travel Chair.


#4 Will the Travel Chair Wheelchair be lost in transit?

To prevent your Travel Chair Wheelchair from getting lost in transit, you can label your carry bag with your contact details (e.g name, email and destination). Also, be sure to double check tags on your travel chair and your flight details.


Some Additional Travel Tips

#1 Bring along the tools that were provided when you purchased your Travel Chair.

That will allow you to tighten the screws as needed on your trip.

a. Tighten the nuts on the armrests
b. Tighten the nuts on the parking brakes
c. Tighten the nuts and screws on the footrests


#2 Add a cushion to the seat of your Travel Chair for added comfort.

If you are using the Travel Chair for long hours, you can consider adding a cushion that can relieve the pressure on your back!We’d recommend the HappyHome Ergo Cushion.


#3 Going down slopes

When going down a slope, turn the chair around and proceed backwards. Support the weight of the Travel Chair and the user with your own body weight. This will allow you to descend the slope slowly without needing the handle brakes.

Travel easy and fuss-free with your elderly loved ones with the HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Chair today!


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