How To Use the HappyWheels Rollator

May 12, 2021 2 min read

Check out the newest addition to our collection, the HappyWheels Lightweight Travel Rollator! The use of rollators helps to improve walking performance and minimizes the risk of falling. It is perfect for people on vacations or trips, as it is portable and can be brought around easily. Rollators are particularly useful for outdoor use as they increase stability on less even surfaces.

Our HappyWheels Rollator has four solid puncture-proof wheels, and is specifically designed for people who require more support while walking, but at the same time, still value their independence. Users can hold onto the ergonomic handles for extra support while walking, while relieving the pressure on their joints, thus allowing them to walk for longer distances. When they wish to take a rest, they can engage the brakes, and rest on the seat of the rollator until they are ready to walk again!

Our rollator is easily foldable, and fits well into the car boot, making it an ease to bring around during travel trips. It also comes with a handy shopper bag which is very spacious, allowing users to store their belongings and shopping items.

Furthermore, the HappyWheels Rollator comes with a built-in cane holder and bottle holder, increasing convenience for the users. Users can travel around independently without having to carry anything on their shoulders. 

The HappyWheels Rollator weighs 6.8kg, and it can hold up to 120kg - This means it is both light and extremely durable. It comes in 2 colours, pink and teal, both of which are very refreshing colours. Studies have shown that 1 in 4 wheelchair users feel limited by the attitudes of others, and they agree that the appearance of their mobility aids affects the way non-users view them. Having a mobility aid that is pleasing to the eye may increase the confidence of users, reducing the restriction they set on their own mobility, and enhance their walking performance.

Here is a video guide for the usage of our HappyWheels Travel Rollator!

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