Swimming: The Ultimate Elder-Friendly Exercise For Longevity

November 06, 2023 2 min read

Swimming is a good low-impact sport that can bring about many benefits for older persons. Besides maintaining aerobic fitness, you can also keep your muscles and joints strong and healthy. 

Let's explore some of the benefits swimming can bring to help your elderly loved ones get started.


Improved cardiovascular health

While running may be touted as a popular cardiovascular activity, it may be difficult for some who are experiencing joint pain. On the other hand, swimming is much more low-impact and offers similar health benefits with less risk of injury.

Swimming does wonders in improving your heart rate and cardiovascular health. The compression of the water on your chest, along with the constant movement, adds up to significant health benefits that contribute to effective active ageing.


Low impact on joints

Advanced joint pains and accumulated wear and tear can make it difficult to gainfully perform a sustained exercise such as biking, running and callisthenics. As a good proportion of body weight is supported by water when swimming, you tend to feel much less aches and pains during your time in the pool.

This makes swimming a great way to exercise without fearing the dreaded joint pain commonly experienced in the knees and back. Not to mention, jogging in sunny Singapore can be a hot, humid and overall uncomfortable experience, while a nice cooling dip in the pool is a very much welcomed alternative for many.


Efficient, full body involvement

For those looking for an effective all-in-one workout, swimming is the perfect answer. While many other exercise options such as weight training isolate certain muscle groups, swimming is a full-body workout that involves even small stabiliser muscles in your back and hips. 

You can build a sustainable and beneficial workout around swimming, something that few other sports and games can allow. This is due to swimming being low impact yet highly customisable and open to adjustment. You can choose to swim at a leisurely pace, or ramp up the pace to incorporate some anaerobic activity into your workout.



Swimming is the perfect solution to stay healthy, especially for those who may be experiencing joint pain and avoiding impact exercises. It can also be fun and enjoyable, a great way to stay active in our golden years. 

The Golden Concepts offers a wide range of eldercare products to enable ageing well, including exercise equipment such as resistance bands and exercise pedalers so you can carry out simple home exercises. We also carry mobility equipment such as foldable walking frames and lightweight detachable wheelchairs in Singapore. With a reputation for fast, prompt shipping as well as helpful customer service, The Golden Concepts offers all you need to enjoy many fulfilling and active golden years ahead.

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