3 Easy Ways to Spend Quality Time with Mum

June 04, 2021 3 min read

With all our busy work life and schedules, sometimes we unknowingly neglect the ones closest to us. This month, as we celebrate our mothers, here are some fun and easy activities that are beneficial for both you and your mum! You can spend quality time with her, without burning a hole in your pocket as well!

1. Get Fit Together

We all know how unmotivated we can get when we exercise alone. Studies have shown that having someone there to work out with you can be a great boost of energy! Moreover, exercising together can be a great way to enhance the emotional bond between you and your mum!

One of the less strenuous activity you can do is yoga! Yoga is also beneficial for managing stress and improves your sleep cycle as well!

Watch the video below for some simple yoga poses you can do with your mum. 

 On the other hand, you can also do some strength exercises with resistance bands. These strength exercises can help to increase their range of motions and reduce the chances of falls! 

Simple leg workout: 

Simple arm workout:



2. Breezy Walk in a Park

What better way to spend time with mummy, then getting out in the nature and getting a breath of fresh air!

NParks launched the Therapeutic Garden initiative in May 2016. Therapeutic Gardens are designed to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of park users. Visitors can experience a range of health benefits such as the relief of mental fatigue, reduced stress and an overall improvement to emotional well-being.

Communal Gardening in the Therapeutic Garden.

Click HERE to for Therapeutic Gardens locations >>

For you elderly mum who may need a little extra assistance while walking, having a walking aid can vastly increase her confidence in walking on her own! Having a sense of independence have been known to improve the mental well being in elderly!


If you're driving your mum out, some car accessories can actually be very helpful in easing the process of getting in and out of the car! Watch the video below to see the Metro Car Handle Plus and Swivel Cushion in action!


3. Preparing a Simple & Healthy Meal

One of the easiest thing you can prepare that is both yummy and healthy is a fruit salad bowl! Choose fruits like strawberries, kiwi and bananas as they are easier to chew and thus your elderly mum would definitely enjoy it more! Cut up these fruits, throw them in a bowl, and instead of using salad dressing, use yogurt! Yogurt is a healthier alternative for salad dressing, and moreover, it is packed rich with calcium which is crucial in an elderly's diet! 


If your mum is struggling to use normal utensils, due to weakened muscles in the hand, you can choose to opt for bendable utensils, which can help provide a better grip for them to hold onto! Watch video below to find out how these Meal-time Aids work!


Shop for MEAL-TIME AIDS here >>>

We hope that this blogpost gave you some ideas on how to spend quality time with your mum! You don't have to spend a ton of money to show your mum a good time, some easy and fun activities like these are sure gonna put a smile on your mum's face!

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