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Ultra-Lite "D" Motorised Wheelchair


At 14.5 kg (16.4 kg with battery), the Ultra-Lite is the lightest motorised wheelchair in the world! Despite its light weight, the Ultra-Lite "D" is powerful enough to brake on slopes and overcome road humps. This is made possible by new, patented and revolutionary lightweight brushless motors.

The Dual Control option also allows a caregiver to control the wheelchair from behind. This is particularly useful for caregivers who may not have the strength to push the user over long distances or up a slope.

Each wheelchair comes with 2 easy-to-detach batteries which don't require tools to remove. Each battery is rated 125WH. Under existing regulations most airlines allow 2 of such batteries on board as carry-on luggage, per passenger, without prior approval. It takes about 4-6 hours to charge the batteries.

  • Lightweight, the lightest motorised wheelchair available

    Easy to fold and put into car boot

    Allows users to travel independently and reduces strain on caregivers

    LTA-compliant personal mobility aid (PMA)

    Option for Dual-Control - Caregiver can control the wheelchair from behind