Rental Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for pushchair rentals are as follows:

You are to:

  1. Safeguard the equipment;

  2. Prevent any damages to the equipment;

  3. Return the equipment on the stipulated date and ensure that the equipment is in its original condition at the point of return; and

  4. Check the rental unit upon collection to confirm that the unit is in good working condition; or

  5. Check the rental unit upon delivery. Should there be any damage to the unit, you are to inform us within 6 hours of delivery. Otherwise, the unit will be deemed to have been received in good working condition and any damage found upon return of the unit will be deemed to have been incurred during the rental period.

Damages may include:

  1. Cracked, chipped or torn equipment.

  2. Visible scratches or stains.

  3. Missing parts.

There will be an additional daily charge which will be deducted from the deposit for any late return of the rental unit. Additionally, the deposit would be forfeited if:

  1. The equipment is not returned after 10 days.

  2. The item is damaged.

In the event of damaged equipment, compensation is to be made to The Golden Concepts Pte Ltd, the amount of which is dependent on the extent of damage of the unit.

By purchasing our rental services, you have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions for the leasing of the pushchair from The Golden Concepts Pte Ltd for the stated time period.