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Ultra-Lite Motorised Wheelchair

  • $1,999.00
  • Save $300.00

The Ultra-Lite Motorised Wheelchair is designed for getting around indoors, or on relatively flat ground. For outdoors, we recommend the KD Smart Portable 15" Power Wheelchair to better navigate steep slopes, road humps, curbs, and other obstacles.


  • Lightweight - Only 14.5 kg (16.4 kg with battery)

  • Easy to fold and put into car boot

  • Allows users to travel independently and reduces strain on caregivers


  • Model C comes with resistance brakes - Light, but user may encounter slow roll-back on slopes

  • Model A comes with magnetic brakes - No roll-back, but weighs 4 kg more than Model C

  • Option for Attendant Control - Caregiver can control the wheelchair from behind

  • 24V, 10AH lithium battery

  • Travels up to 20 km

  • Top speed of 6 km/h

  • Battery rating of 240WH is acceptable by most major airlines for air travel

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