Sterling Silver Skull Cane

Made in Italy, this fierce-looking skull cane is Sterling Silver Plated and made with 92.5% pure silver. A classic black lacquered solid beechwood shaft pairs nicely with the unique skull handle, creating a cane that is too cool to pass up. This cane is suitable for use as an accessory on formal occasions, but should not be used for everyday support.  


  • Unique sterling silver skull head

  • Sturdy, solid beechwood shaft

  • Gold metallic tip


  • Product weight: 350 g

  • Product height: 35"

  • Material: Beechwood, 92.5% pure silver

  • Maximum weight: 90 kg

  • Made in Italy

Note: To determine what cane length is suitable for the user, measure the distance from the wrist bone to the ground. The arm should be in a relaxed position with the elbow slightly bent at a natural angle.