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Sabi Chop Pill Cutter

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Special Promo Price: $12 (U.P. $19), Limited Pieces Available.

From designer brand Sabi, the Sabi Chop is a minimal effort pill cutter. Avoid the danger of using knives to cut your pills; just simply place the pill inside the cutter and press it close.


  • Simply press lid to easily split pills

  • Universal rubber tray holds pills of all shapes and sizes


  • Weight: 34 g

  • Dimensions: H: 50 mm x W: 55 mm x D: 38 mm

  • Ultra-safe and effective, durable plastic poly (PCTA) blade

  • Pill cutter's specialised inset rubber impressions stabilise pills of all sizes and shapes

  • Light press pill cutter mechanism distributes weight applied to cap evenly

  • Easy on hands/wrists no matter hardness of pill material

  • Halves and quarters pills cleanly and precisely to ensure accurate dosage

  • Slip-preventing rubber base

  • BPA-free

For enquiries or viewing appointments at our showroom, feel free to contact us at +65-8657-1657 or email us at Our showroom is located at 3 Ubi Avenue 3, Crocodile House (rear lobby), #05-02B, Singapore 408857.

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