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PA-90000 Series Ultra Low Height Bed by Paramount Bed Japan (Pre-order)

A low bed height is essential to mitigate the risk of falls in the bedroom. The PA-90000 Series from Paramount Bed Japan has an ultra low bed height of 29 cm, allowing the user’s knees to bend at a 90° angle, enhancing their stability and safety to sit and stand from bed.

Choose between 3 models of mattress:Standard basic mattress, Reversible Pressure Relief mattress, and Cococia Fuka alternating air mattress (for pressure sores).


  • Ultra low bed height of 29 cm

  • Easy-to-use auto-lock central locking system

  • Removable headboard and footboard

  • Flat surface design


  • Total bed length: 215.8 cm

  • Total bed width: 104 cm

  • Mattress deck width: 91 cm

  • Mattress deck height (adjustable): 29 to 67 cm

  • Head of bed angle: 0° to 70°

  • Knee angle: 0° to 25°

  • Castors: 12.5 cm diameter (double-wheel design) with central locking system

  • Steel-pressed mattress deck

  • Manual CPR lever