PA-90000 Series Ultra Low Height Bed by Paramount Bed Japan

A low bed height is essential to mitigate the risk of falls in the bedroom. The PA-90000 Series from Paramount Bed Japan is a premium ultra low bed with minimum height of only 29 cm. This allows the user’s knees to bend at a 90° angle, enhancing their stability and safety to sit and stand from bed.

Choose between 4 mattress options:

  • Parasue Mattress - Basic egg-carton design
  • Reversible Pressure Reduction (RPR) Mattress - Double-layer system for pressure relief
  • Ever Proud Mattress - Reduces shearing, relieves pressure, reduces heat
  • Cococia Fuka Air Mattress - For users with pressure sores
  • Ultra low bed height of 29 cm

    Auto-lock central locking system allows for easy positioning of bed

    Narrow gaps between side rails to reduce risk of entrapment

    Double-locked side rail to prevent accidental unlocking

    Removable headboard and footboard