King Cobra Beechwood Cane

Dare to be different with this unique serpent head cane. Made in Italy in style of a King Cobra, the handle is accentuated by the gold ring collar which connects the gorgeous handle to the solid beechwood shaft. This cane is suitable for use as an accessory on formal occasions, but should not be used for everyday support.  


  • Collector's design: King Cobra handle

  • Sturdy, solid beechwood shaft

  • Fixed customisable length


  • Product weight: 535 g

  • Product height: 38"

  • Handle type: King cobra

  • Material: Beechwood, Gold collar

  • Maximum weight: 81 kg

  • Made in Taiwan

Note: To determine what cane length is suitable for the user, measure the distance from the wrist bone to the ground. The arm should be in a relaxed position with the elbow slightly bent at a natural angle.