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iNo Elderly Mobile Phone CP88

  • $108.00

The iNo Elderly Mobile Phone CP88 is a simple-to-use clamshell phone with an SOS alert button for added sense of safety. With the clamshell design, users can easily open the phone to answer incoming calls, and close the phone to end the call.


  • Large buttons with big clear fonts

  • SOS alert button to be activated in case of emergency

  • 3G connectivity

  • SD Card slot

  • Speed dial function

  • FM radio, MP3 audio player, MPEG4 video player

  • Built-in torchlight


  • Available in Gold or Black

  • Size: 10.4 x 5.1 x 1.8 cm

  • 0.3 MP Rear Camera

Speed Dial Function:

SOS button: SOS button is located at the back of the phone. Once activated, the phone will emit an alarm to alert people in the immediate surroundings, while an SMS will be sent to up to 5 pre-programmed numbers of your choice. Simultaneously, it will begin to call each number till the call is answered.

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