HappyHome Deluxe Electric Recline and Lifting Chair - Brown (PU Leather)

The HappyHome Deluxe Electric Recline and Lifting Chair allows you to recline the chair to your preferred angle with the push of a button. For users who require support for standing, this geriatric chair also has a lifting function to assist the user to a standing position.

This Deluxe model has a dual-motor design which allows users to adjust the backrest and legrest angles separately.


At The Golden Concepts we carry a wide range of recline and lifting geriatric chairs to provide elderly users with optimum comfort and convenience at home. This recline and lifting geriatric chair has fully electric operation simply with the use of a remote control, and there is no need for manual adjustment. This means that the elderly user will have full independence in adjusting the geriatric chair to their ideal comfort position.

With a luxurious high-back ergonomic seat, the user is guaranteed to stay comfortable sitting for extended periods of time in this geriatric chair. The seating surface is also specially designed for elderly persons with higher density foam so that users do not sink into the seat, and they can stand up easily from the chair whenever they wish.

One unique function of a recline and lifting geriatric chair is the ability to lift the user, to assist them in standing up. This feature is particularly useful for the elderly as they may struggle with standing up, especially after sitting for long periods of time. The user-friendly remote control and be easily controlled to lift up whenever the user is ready to stand.

Yet another feature of this geriatric chair is the ability to fully recline flat to 180 degrees, allowing for optimum comfort for resting or taking naps. Simply press the button on the remote control to adjust the recliner to the preferred angle. Best of all, the backrest and footrest and be controlled separately, so that the geriatric chair position can be fully customised to bring maximum comfort to the user.

A geriatric chair is a chair that is specially designed for elderly persons. It is important that the chair has proper sturdy armrests, as older users will need a place to securely hold onto whenever they stand and sit. These armrests also help to keep them safe as they recline the chair back, or lift the chair to stand up.

Best of all, a geriatric chair does not necessarily need to look clinical or hospital-like. This recline and lifting geriatric chair is designed to look just like a regular sofa recliner, so it can fit perfectly in your home setting just like any other piece of furniture.

What Should You Look Out For When Purchasing A Geriatric Chair?

The Golden Concepts offers many recline and lifting geriatric chair options depending on your specific needs and budget. Some models come with motorised controls so that the elderly user can operate the chair on their own, while others require some form of manual assistance from a caregiver. A key factor in selecting the right geriatric chair is certainly comfort and the right level of support to meet the user’s needs.

At The Golden Concepts, we aim to provide quality elderly equipment in Singapore that encourages our elderly loved ones to maintain their mobility and independence. This includes home furniture, such as geriatric chairs, which offer excellent comfort for older persons who may spend longer hours sitting down.


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We have a wide range of geriatric chair options to suit different needs and budgets. Either way, you can be assured of the quality and features of these chairs.

Should you be interested in any of our geriatric chair options, you may purchase them directly from our website. Alternatively, if you wish to view and try them first, head down to our showroom where our team of experienced product specialists can assist you to find the right geriatric chair that suits your needs.

  • Lifts up to assist user to rise to standing position

    Fully reclines flat to 180° for optimum comfort

    Plush seats for great comfort

    Easily controlled with user-friendly remote control

    Backrest and footrest can be controlled separately

    Fully electric operation with a touch of a button - no need for manual adjustment