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Guarday SOS Fall Detection Device

  • $110.00

GuarDay is a unique fall detection and emergency solution that works everywhere, anytime. You just need to wear it and in the case of emergency or fall, it will automatically send an alert to pre-nominated numbers like a family member, your neighbour, your caregiver. They will receive your exact location via SMS and GuarDay will call all the numbers until someone picks up.

GuarDay works with a subscription based plan. You will stay connected 24/7 in the case of emergency.


  • Fall Detection: GuarDay will automatically detect when you fall on the floor

  • SOS Function: If something goes wrong or you don't feel well, just press the SOS button and it will call and SMS your pre-nominated numbers.

  • Auto Fall Alert: If you fall, the device will alert and SMS your pre-nominated numbers automatically.

  • Long Battery: With motion detection, the device manages the battery running up to 15 days. Easy to charge with the docking station

  • Shower Proof: You can take a shower with it


    • Weight: 35 g

    • Size: 61mm x 42mm x 16mm

    • Device sold separately from subscription plan

    • Available in Black and Blue

    How to purchase:

    Step 1: Purchase your Guarday device from this product page

    Step 2: Receive an email link to choose your subscription plan:

    • 3-month plan: 69 SGD/month

    • 6-month plan: 59 SGD/month

    • 12-month plan: 49 SGD/month

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