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Hoolah Instalments

Hoolah - How it works

The cost of your purchase is divided into 3 interest-free instalments. Pay only 1/3 upfront with either debit or credit card, receive the items first and pay the remaining later. The balance amount will be automatically deducted over the next two months.

Requirements to use Hoolah

  • Singapore NRIC or FIN number
  • A mobile number issued with a Singapore prefix (+65)
  • A valid email address
  • Credit card/debit card issued by a financial institution

How do I place an order and pay with Hoolah?

  1. Add the items that you which to purchase to your shopping cart
  2. Upon checking out, select 'hoolah' as your preferred payment method
  3. Follow the steps for account creation and to complete your purchase
  4. The remaining payment will be deducted monthly with no interest or fees