Resistance Bands with Sanctband

We collaborated with Sanctband Singapore to give away resistance bands as a way to encourage seniors who are staying home due to COVID-19 to stay active and healthy!

Christmas Giveaway by The Golden Concepts

We gave away 12 unicorn power banks through 12 days of Christmas, as a way to give back to our followers as well as to celebrate the festive season!

Metro Car Handle by The Golden Concepts

We gave away our very own Metro Car Handle as we felt like it is a very useful product for seniors which not many people know about, and we hope that more people will learn about the car handle and how it can help seniors get out of the car easily and independently.

Ukelele from TravelClef

We collaborated with TravelClef to giveaway Ukeleles to encourage seniors to pick up a new skill and stay active.

Outdoor Photoshoot with Firefly Photography

We collaborated with Firefly Photography to giveaway a free outdoor photoshoot to allow families to take some photos with their Grandparents and create beautiful memories!